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Township of Essa > All-Terrain Vehicle Information

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NEW! On May 5, 2021 Council for the Township of Essa approved By-law 2021-16 Off Road Vehicles By-law permitting All-Terrain Vehicles and Off-Road Vehicles to travel on ALL municipal roads.  For further details on permitted vehicles please review By-law 2021-16.

2021-16 ATV By-law​​

Please note:​

  • Dirt Bikes are prohibited from operating on ALL roads under municipal jurisdiction.
  • ATVs/ORVs are NOT permitted on ANY County Roads (including Mill Street, Angus),  or trails under municipal jurisdiction (Pine River Trail, Rippon Trail).

Operators should familiarize themselves with By-law 2021-16 prior to operating an ATV/ORV within the boundaries of Essa Township.  Additionally, all persons who own or operate an off road vehicle are also ​required to adhere to provisions set out in the Off Road Vehicles Act as well as the Highway Traffic Act.

​For information on ATV/ORV use in Simcoe County Forest please visit www.simc​oe.ca 

Central Ontario ATV Club (COATV) and the Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) can provide information on maintained trails in Ontario as well as membership information.



If entering private property, please ensure you have written permis​sion from the landowner or you may be charged with trespassing.

For on-road riding in Essa, an off-road vehicle driver must:

  • be at least 16 years old;
  • hold at least a valid G2 or M2 licence;
  • wear an approved motorcycle helmet, securely fastened under the chin with a chin strap; and
  • wear a seatbelt, where provided.

Off-road vehicles on the road in Essa, must travel at speeds less than the posted speed limit:

  • ​no more than 20km/h on roads with a posted speed limit of 50km/h or less.
  • no more than 50km/h on roads with a posted speed limit greater than 50km/h.

For off-road riding, an off-road vehicle driver must:

  • ​be at least 12 years old, unless directly supervised by an adult or while driving on land occupied by the owner of the vehicle; and
  • carry the vehicle's registration permit or a true copy.

Drivers and passengers must wear an approved motorcycle helmet, securely fastened under the chin with a chin strap.

To learn more about safe ATV operation, where permitted, in Ontario, please visit:  


Not sure where you can ride?  Visit https://ofatv.org/riders/

There are no public trails owned or maintained by the Township of Essa that permit motorized vehicles.  However, the Central Ontario ATV club maintains trails within the County of Simcoe where Off Road Vehicles are permitted to be ridden.  For maps, fees and regulations regarding the use of these trails please contact the Central Ontario ATV Club through their website at www.coatv.ca.​

Complaints can be directed to the Nottawasaga OPP detachment non-emergency line at 705-434-1939.​