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Township of Essa Administration Centre

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Phone: 705-424-9917 Fax: 705-424-2367

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

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​Pay Taxes

Payment of Taxes

Tax payments may be made by cash or debit machine, or the payment can be either mailed or delivered to the Essa Administration Centre. (After hours a drop box is available at the upper​ level entrance). Tax payments are also accepted at certain financial institutions (service charges may apply). The Township also offers direct methods of payment such as pay-by-phone with a number of financial institutions and pre-authorized payment plans. For further information contact the Tax Clerk or the Tax Collector

Tax Bills are issued to the assessed property owner.  Failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse an owner from payment, nor relieve him/her from any late penalty. If you have not received a bill, have not paid your taxes or need additional information on payment arrangements, contact the Tax Collector.

Online / Telephone Banking​

The option to pay your taxes is available from your financial institution.  You simply add the Township of Essa Taxes account to your banking profile.

Pre-Authorized Payments

What is a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan?

If you have any type of bank account with withdrawal privileges, you can take advantage of this system.  An authorization certificate must be filled in and returned with a cheque marked "VOID".  This will allow the Township to automatically withdraw your tax payments from your bank account on a monthly or due date basis depending on the option selected.

Download the Tax Payment Options Form.

What are the benefits?
The Pre-authorized Payment Plan will:
  • Allow you to make smaller, more regular payments on your property taxes
  • Eliminate writing, stamping and mailing cheques
  • Eliminate the time, effort and cost of making payments at our office or local bank
  • Avoid keeping track of due dates and the potential for missing payments
  • Avoid the risk of lost cheques or mail delays
  • Avoid interest charges associated with the above

How does the Plan work?

In order to accommodate as many taxpayers as possible, we are offering three different options under the Pre-authorized Payment Plan.

Option 1 - Equal monthly payments for current taxes

This option is available to taxpayers who have no arrears.  Ten percent (10%) of your previous year's taxes will be withdrawn each of the first ten months - January to October.  If there is an increase in the tax rate or adjustment for the current year, the balance will be withdrawn in November.  There will be no payment in December.  A letter will be sent in January of the current year to indicate what the 10 monthly payments for the coming year will be.  Interim bills are issued for information purposes.  When the final tax bill is issued in September, it will indicate what the total year's taxes are and the current balance as at the date of billing.

Option 2 - Payments on the regular due dates

This option is for taxpayers who have no arrears and wish to continue to pay the four tax instalments but have them paid directly out of their bank account.  The interim tax bill and final tax bill will still be issued to you so you will know the instalment amounts and the due date for the automatic payments to be withdrawn.

Option 3 - Monthly Payment of Arrears

This option is available to taxpayers who have arrears on their tax account.  In order to implement this option you must contact the Treasurer, or Tax Collector to discuss your level of arrears.  The monthly amount to be paid must be at a level that will pay your account in a reasonable amount of time.  Consequently the amount must be agreed upon by both parties to ensure funds will be available and the account does get paid.  Interest will still be calculated on outstanding amounts.  Once the tax account is paid in full, then you would be able to choose Option 1 or Option 2.

Please contact the Tax Department if you need further information.