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NEW!!!!  County of Simcoe Linx Transit Route 2 (Wasaga Beach to Barrie)

The County of Simcoe is providing residents an opportunity to travel from Wasaga Beach to Barrie Mondays through Fridays, with stops in between via its Linx Transit Service (Route 2 Schedule below).

The cost from Angus to Barrie is $2.00.  Riders who use LINX Smartcards are offered a discount (10% per adult; 15% per Senior/Student).

Smartcards are available from the Transit Operators, or by contacting Linx Transit Simcoe Customer Service at 1-800-263-3199.  For more information visit or call 1-800-263-3199.

County of Simcoe Linx Transit Route 2-Bus Schedule

Transit Service in Essa

The Township of Essa offers transit service connecting Borden and Angus to the City of Barrie, from Monday to Friday, on the 90A and 90B Bus Routes.  For a reasonable fare, the bus service takes residents directly to the Allandale GO Station in Barrie.  A transfer obtained from the Bus Operator of the Angus-Borden Bus will get you on to the Barrie Transit system to get to your destination within Barrie.

If you are looking to board the bus to take you to your destination, look for the blue and white signs that have been strategically placed within Borden and Angus to identify where the bus stops are in your area. For a map of the Bus Service in Angus and Borden, please refer to the map below:

Transit Route 90 Map and Schedule

For information on routes and maps for the Angus-Borden-Barrie Transit Services please visit the City of Barrie website at:

Planning a Barrie Transit trip just got easier with

Barrie Transit has added a new online feature to help riders plan their trip around the city (and out to Angus/Base Borden). The live bus map, available at has been upgraded to be more user-friendly and reliable.

The new tool is mobile friendly and available through the City’s app, Ping Street which can be downloaded for free on all mobile devices. Riders can use the tool to plan a trip anywhere in the City (or out to Angus/Base Borden) or see their bus in real time.

The upgraded system will provide riders with more accurate information to help them better plan their transit trips.

Bus Passes

Riders can pay for a single ride ticket when boarding the bus, or monthly transit passes can be purchased at the Angus Branch of the Essa Public Library. 

For more information on bus fares please refer to page 19 of our Fee Schedule

Transit Feedback

The transit service is something the Township of Essa wishes to expand in the future.  Please communicate any feedback you may have to assist us in improving the transit service by contacting the ​CAO at 705-424-9770 ext. 109​.


**NOTE ROUTES 90A AND 90B WILL RETURN TO THEIR ​REGULAR SCHEDULE ON SEPTEMBER 24, 2019 - Please be advised that due to the King Street Urbanization project that will be taking place this summer, Routes 90A and 90B will be detoured around the area. 

Route 90A will detour on to Alma Street and Margaret Street and rejoin the route at Mill Street. 

Route 90B will detour to County Road 10 to Willoughby Road to the 5th Line and back on Route at Mike Hart Drive. The Bus Stop locations will not be in service in the construction areas.

For more information, please visit the folloiwng link: City of Barrie's Transit

Detour Routes effective May 6, 2019

Route_90A_Detour Route_90B_Detour