Release - "Operation Brain Freeze" Kicks Off Once Again in Essa

With the winter season finally behind, officials from the Township of Essa have noticed a significant increase of youth in our communities riding their bikes in various areas within our municipal boundaries.  With safety being the number one priority in protecting cyclists, the number one safety rule is to wear a helmet every time you ride.

 “Everyone please educate our youth on the importance of bike safety and wearing properly fitted helmets.  Bike helmets give our youth a real chance of walking away from a fall or collision with a vehicle. Let’s help our youth have a safe experience while enjoying outdoor activities.  Drivers, please slow down and save a life.” 

- Mayor Sandie Macdonald

In an effort to recognize and reward youth in our communities for wearing their helmet and for cycling safely, the municipality is once again kicking off its “Operation Brain Freeze” campaign.  The objective of the campaign is to not only promote the use of safe biking habits by youth in our communities, but to endorse the use of bike helmets.  By-law Officers are once again looking to “catch” youth with their helmets on and reward them with a package consisting of a free frozen treat, a certificate, and a “Young Cyclist’s Guide” which has been provided by the Ministry of Transportation.  Additionally, the name of each youth that is “caught” by By-law Officers will have their name entered into a monthly draw for a “safe cyclist” package.

To the youth within our communities – bike safely and wear a properly fitted bike helmet at all times when cycling.  You never know when By-law Officers will catch you!!


Lisa Lehr
Manager of Legislative Services

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