Release - Vandalism in Essa is Costly

Vandalism in Essa is Costly

 Angus — July 11, 2022 — The Township of Essa has been the victim to several incidents of vandalism as of late which is turning out to be costly to taxpayers. Vandals have most recently marked graffiti at the side of outdoor arenas and on park equipment at three parks within Angus, as well as slashed a tent that was set up for the Canada Day celebrations at Community Park.  

Mischief, graffiti and destruction hurts everyone as budgets increase in response. Taxpayers are already being hit hard with rising costs and expenses today so additional and unnecessary expense is not welcome news. The Township is working hard to keep its facilities and public open spaces safe and clean.

If you notice suspicious activity, please call 9-1-1 and let them know of a “non-emergency” situation which could be unlawful, immediately.  Otherwise, the Township will rely on video surveillance to help end the tagging and catch the culprits. 

Essa Township lies in the heart of Simcoe County, takes in Thornton, Baxter and Angus and contains a population of approximately 24,000. 

Colleen Healey-Dowdall
705-424-9917 ext. 109

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