MEDIA RELEASE - Automated Speed Enforcement

Essa Township Launches Automated Speed Enforcement Program

UTOPIA - July 18, 2023 - Today, the Township of Essa launched its Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) Program, a road safety initiative pilot project designed to work jointly with other current speed reduction measures to improve safety in our communities.

Essa Council and staff are pleased to be rolling out our automated speed enforcement programThis program will be instrumental in having drivers abide by the posted speed limits to greatly help with safety and life-saving measures.”   ~  Mayor Sandie Macdonald ~

ASE is an automated system that uses a camera and speed measurement device to detect and ticket plate owners of vehicles travelling faster than the posted speed limit.  Commonly referred to as "Photo Radar", the Program is being implemented in Community Safety Zones where Township of Essa Council has deemed that public safety is of greatest concern.

The installation of “Municipal Speed Camera Coming Soon” signs has begun.  Signs will be posted at least 90 days before the ASE begins issuing tickets in an effort to educate motorists. The Township has partnered with Global Traffic Group Ltd., to rotate ASE cameras across selected Community Safety Zones starting with the following locations:

  • Denney Drive
  • 25th Sideroad
  • 20th Sideroad
  • 5th Line
  • King Street

The ASE Program complements other speed reduction measures and strategies undertaken by the Township of Essa including current traffic calming measures coupled with traditional police enforcement, to help improve road user safety.  The system aims to increase speed compliance, alter driver behaviour and increase public awareness about the critical need to slow down and follow the posted speed limit.

For further information, please visit


Andrea Hutchins 
Administrative Assistant 
705-424-9917 ext. 101
Lisa Lehr
Manager of Legislative Services/Clerk
705-424-9917 ext. 117


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