58 Vernon Street

Ward: 1

Applicant: Innovative Planning Solutions on behalf of LH (Angus) Ltd. And Silvercrest Investments Ltd.

Date of 1st Submission being “Deemed Complete”: July 18, 2023.

Subject: Zoning By-law Amendment (File No. Z11-23)

Date of Public Meeting: February 21, 2024.

If a second meeting is required, when will it be held? To be Determined by Staff.

Description of the original proposed development

58 Vernon Street, Angus, is designated Residential in the Essa Official Plan and zoned Residential, Low Density, Detached (R1) Zone in the Essa Zoning By-law (2003-50). It is situated in the settlement boundary of Angus on the east side of Mill Street, surrounded by other commercial buildings and uses along Mill Street with residential single family lots abutting the rear of the property.

The proposed development relating to the Zoning By-law Amendment Application comprises a change in the use of the existing vacant lot to a residential subdivision. This would require a rezoning from Residential, Low Density, Detached (R1) Zone to Residential, Low Density, Townhome (R3) Zone with site-specific exceptions. The purpose of the ZBA is to implement the proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision providing for residential use and to recognize site specific features. The Draft Plan of Subdivision, which has not yet formally been applied for, proposes to create of forty (40) new residential units including thirty-two (32) linked homes, eight (8) townhouse units, and 2 blocks for open space.

The Township is in receipt of materials intended to support the Application, which can be accessed by contacting the Township Planning Department.

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