Planning & Development Services

Planning & Development Services

The Township of Essa's Planning department provides land use planning guidance and advice to shape our community as a whole and its settlement areas.

Planning is a process that implements the policy direction provided by the Ontario Government across a multi-level policy hierarchy to manage and bring together our land, natural resources, and community formation to influence development in the Township based on shared goals and a long-term vision

Planning Department leads, manages and administers Essa Township's Official Plan, the Zoning Bylaw and the development approval process for Council, landowners, and to developers under the Planning Act.

You can view the current development applications and our latest news and public notices to explore open and past development applications in our community.

Building & Construction

If you're planning to renovate or build on your property, you'll need to apply for a building permit before you begin the work.  Building permits ensure that all works meet the requirements set forth in the Ontario Building Code and the Essa's Zoning By-law.

Before you apply begin, contact the Building Department to learn about specific requirements for your property.

The Township of Essa's Planning Services provides land use and development guidance to our quickly growing community.

Township of Essa
Planning Technician ext. 104
Phone: 705-424-9917
Fax: 705-424-2367
TTY: 705-424-5302

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