6275 County Road 90

Ward: 1

Applicant: Innovative Planning Solutions on behalf of Essa County Road 90 Development Inc.

Date of 1st Submission being “Deemed Complete”: January 7th, 2021

Subject: Official Plan Amendment (File No. OPA32), Zoning By-law Amendment (File No. Z6-20) and Draft Plan of Subdivision

Date of Public Meeting: June 16th, 2021

Description of the original proposed development

31 new residential lots are now proposed where formerly, 17 residential lots plus a commercial block were draft approved.  The former, planned commercial block is proposed to be converted to residential lots.   Refer to former draft plan of 2006.  Plus, another proposed change that the Township has been asked to consider by the new owner is a better road connection to the subdivision lots to the north.  Previously, it was a requirement of the landowner/developer to connect to the subdivision to the north but with a roadway that may not be open for use all the time.  The new proposed plan would involve a roadway connection built to full urban standard, similar to the other streets, streets A and B, which will be constructed.

The Township is in receipt of materials intended to support the Application, which can be accessed by contacting the Township Planning Department.

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