6537 Browns Line & 8307 County Road 10 (Bush Properties)

Ward: 1

Applicant: Jones Consulting Group Ltd., on behalf of Bush Properties Inc., and Borden Angus Self Storage Ltd.

Date of 1st Submission being “Deemed Complete”: September 20th, 2020

Subject: Official Plan Amendment (File No. OPA36), Zoning By-law Amendment (File No. Z5-20) and Draft Plan of Subdivision

Date of Public Meeting: June 2nd, 2021

Description of the original proposed development

The proposed amendment would affect those lands described as Part of Lot 28, Concession 3, municipally knows as 6537 Browns Line and 8307 County Road 10, located in the Township of Essa, in accordance with a proposal put forward by Bush Properties and Borden Angus Self Storage Inc. The properties are Designated ‘Industrial’ in the Township of Essa Official Plan, 2001 and Zoned as ‘General Industrial (M1)’ in Zoning By-Law 2003-50.

Specifically, the Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment are to facilitate an Employment Lands Conversion and rezone 6537 Browns Line and County Road 10 to permit the redesignation of land from ‘Industrial’ to ‘Residential’, ‘Commercial’, ‘Institutional’, and ‘Environmental Protection’, and provide site specific zoning for a Mixed-Use development.

The Township is in receipt of materials intended to support the Application, which can be accessed by contacting the Township Planning Department.

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