8949 Smith Road

Ward: 2

Applicant: Innovative Planning Solutions on behalf of TC Land Inc.

Date of 1st Submission being “Deemed Complete”: November 10, 2023.

Subject: Official Plan Amendment (File No. OPA47), Zoning By-law Amendment (File No. Z15-23) and Draft Plan of Subdivision

Date of Public Meeting: February 21, 2024.

If a second meeting is required, when will it be held? To be Determined by Staff.

Description of original proposed development

8949 Smith Road, Essa, is designated both Rural and Industrial in the Essa Official Plan and zoned Agricultural (A) Zone and General Industrial (M1) Zone in the Essa Zoning By-law (2003-50). It is situated along the south-eastern intersection of the County Road 90 corridor and Smith Road, and on the west side of an existing industrial park which runs along County Road 56. Lands to the south and to the west (across Smith Road) appear to be occupied by agricultural uses.

The proposed development relating to these Amendment applications comprise a change in use of the existing agricultural land use to a development of twenty-eight (28) Blocks, twenty-five (25) of which will be used for industrial uses, two (2) for the purpose of SWM Blocks and one (1) for an Environmental Protection Block. To permit this use, the applicant is therefore seeking a redesignation to Industrial for a portion of the lands currently designated Rural, as well as a rezoning to “General Industrial (M1)” Zone for the lands in the existing “Agricultural (A)” Zone.

At this time, no site-specific exceptions have been proposed.

The Township is in receipt of materials intended to support the Application, which can be accessed by contacting the Township Planning Department.



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