Automated Speed Enforcement

Essa Council and staff are pleased to be rolling out our automated speed enforcement program. This program will be instrumental in having drivers abide by the posted speed limits to greatly help with safety and life-saving measures.
Mayor Sandie Macdonald
Township of Essa

What is Automated Speed Enforcement?

In 2019 the Ontario Government passed O. Reg 398/19 allowing municipalities to deploy Automated Speed Enforcement in designated Community Safety Zones and School Zones.   Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE), also known as Photo Radar, is an automated system that uses a camera and a speed measurement device to detect and capture images of vehicles travelling in excess of the posted speed limit.  ASE is focused on altering driver behaviour to decrease speeding and increase safety.

At its meeting of October 5, 2022, Council of the Township of Essa authorized Staff to implement Automated Speed Enforcement in Essa.

In 2022, the Township of Essa partnered with Global Traffic Group Ltd. to provide their technology and extensive experience of automated speed enforcement to Essa.

How Automated Speed Enforcement Works

When a vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit in an ASE area, the ASE system captures an image.  A Provincial Offences Officer reviews the image and issues a ticket.  The ticket, including a digital copy of the image and an enlargement of the license plate, is mailed to the registered plated holder within 30 days of the offence.

Tickets are issued to the registered owner of the vehicle regardless of who was driving.  No demerit points will be issued and the registered owner's driving record will not be impacted.

Timing and Camera Locations

The ASE Program is active in community safety zones within the municipality where speeding has proven to be a consistent problem.  

All ASE sites will be marked with clear signs 90 days before the cameras are installed and while they are in operation.

Camera Locations

Essa's Automated Speed Enforcement Program is new so changes are common as we learn to implement and improve the program.  To stay up to date on how our ASE program is progressing check back to this page often!

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