Budget and Tax Facts


The 2024 Operating and Capital Budgets were approved by Council on January 17, 2024.  

Budget Breakdown

2024 Taxy Levy by Department
2024 Operating Expenses by Department
2024 Capital Budget by Department

Council approved the 2024 Budget with a total tax increase of 5.91%, which equals approximately $43.95 per $100,00.00 per residential assessment.  This presents a total tax levy of $12,135,979.00.

For an average residential home assessed at $395,000.00, the impact of the 2024 Budget equals an approximate increase of $173.17.

The 2024 approved budget of $37,120,436.00 represents a total increase of 5.91% which equals approximately $43.95 per $100,000 of residential assessment. The municipality will be transferring an amount equal to a 5.7% tax contribution to Asset Management in keeping with its adopted Asset Management Plan.

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