Complaints of Municipal Staff

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about the action or lack of action taken, operations, facilities or the service provided by the Township o​f Essa or by a person or body acting on behalf of the Township of Essa. All complaints filed necessitate a response. Complaints imply that the complainant is unhappy with the service received and that they require a follow up response in regards to the issue.​

Please see the Municipal Complaint Policy for further information.

How can a complaint be submitted?

To file a formal complaint please fill out the Staff Complaint Form. The form can be completed and submitted by:
  • Mail to the Township of Essa Administration Centre, 5786 County Road 21, Utopia ON L0M 1T0
  • In person at the Administration Office
  • Formal Complaints cannot be anonymous


Complaints will be processed in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and other applicable legislation. The identity of the complainant and any associated personal information that could lead the complainant to be identified will be made known only to those who require the information to assess the complaint effectively. All participants in the complaints process will keep the personal information of the complainant confidential except where required by law.​

What is not deemed to be a formal complaint?

Regular feedback is encouraged and an important part of quality customer service. Feedback of a positive or general nature, comments on a service or facility that do not require a response, or requests for service, are not complaints. ​ Regular feedback includes the following:
  • Compliment: an expression of appreciation for satisfactory or above-satisfactory service.
  • Feedback: input from a client providing input or ideas.
  • Service Request: a request for a specific service provided by the Township of Essa​.​​
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