Integrity Commissioner

The Township of Essa appointed ADR Chambers to act as its Integrity Commissioner providing accountability services to the Tow​nship. The servic​es of the Integrity Commissioner include:

  • To provide advice on the application of the Council Code of C​onduct, Township policies, procedures and rules, complaint protocol and Section 5 of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act;
  • To conduct inquiries regarding whether a member of Council has contravened the Code of Conduct or section 5 of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act;
  • To provide advice to members of Council, upon written request, respecting the member's obligations under the Code of Conduct, Township policies, procedures and rules, the complaint protocol and the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act;
  • To provide opinions on policy matters and make other reports to Council as requested on issues of ethics and integrity;
  • To provide educational information and training to members and to the public on matters related to the Council Code of Conduct, and issues of ethics and integrity and the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act;
  • To provide general information to members of the public, upon request, about the Code of Conduct, the complaint protocol and the availability of complaint resolution services or referrals as contemplated by the complaint protocol;
  • To maintain custody and control of the Integrity Commissioner's complaint and inquiry files and, on completion of his or her term of appointment, to transfer open files relating to ongoing matters to the incoming Integrity Commissioner appointed by Council; and
  • To provide such other services respecting ethics and integrity matters as assigned by Council or as may be required under the Municipal Act, 2001.

Complaints are to be submitted directly to the Integrity Commissioner:

ADR Chambers
Michael Maynard
Telephone: 416-362-8555 or 1-800-856-5154

For additional information, please contact the Integrity Commissioner's office using the contact information provided above.

​Integrity Commissioner Re​​​ports

Reports issued by the Township's Integrity Commissioner are available for viewing on the Plans Reports & Studies page of our website.

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