Sign Permits

Sign Permits

Sign permits are required before you erect, display, alter or allow the erection, display or alteration of any sign.  The purpose of the Township's Sign By-law is to coordinate the type, placement, and scale of signs with the different land-use zones, and to recognize the commercial communication requirements of all sectors of the business community.  In so doing, the By-law promotes renovation and proper maintenance of all advertising devices. 

Temporary Signs

Signs that are temporary in nature are regulated under the Township's Sign By-law (as amended).  Applications for a temporary sign can be submitted to the Clerk's Department with the applicable fee.  Temporary signs are those that are used on a short-term basis to advertise for organizations and/or businesses.  Examples include magnetic sign boards, portable or sidewalk signs, etc.

To apply for a temporary sign, complete and submit the Sign Permit Application with the applicable fee to the Clerk's Department.

Upon receipt, staff will contact you to review the application, and will provide you with a status update on your application.

Permanent Signs or Signs requiring a Building Permit

Larger signs or signs that are permanent in nature are regulated under the Township's Sign By-law as well as the Ontario Building Code.  They are structures that are used on a more permanent basis to advertise, and are submitted to the Building Department.

Examples of signs requiring a building permit are generally those that require a building or fixed foundation for structural support, such as billboards, signs attached to a building, built structures, ground signs supported by uprights or braces embedded in the ground, etc.  

To apply for a permanent sign, or a sign that is larger than that listed in the Township's Sign By-law, you are required to submit a Building Permit Application.

Contact the Building Department to seek more information to assist you.

Directional Signs

Directional Signage is permitted by business owners to direct the motoring public to their location under the following conditions:

  • The sign/post must be placed at a location that does not interfere with road maintenance operations or obscure regulatory or warning type signage, or visibility at an intersection including driveways.
  • The finger-board-type sign is to be placed on one (1) 4" x 4" pressure treated wood post (break away) with at least 4 1/2 feet feet of the post in the ground. (Maximum of four ( 4) business directional signs are allowed on each post showing different business names).
  • Directional signs are installed by the Public Works Department, however the Directional Sign Permit Application is to be submitted to the Clerk's Department.  
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