Community Assistance Grants

Community Assistance Grants

The purpose of the Community Assistance Grant Program is to provide non-profit groups and organizations with an opportunity to apply for funding from the municipality to help offset costs associated with running their program. Each group and/or organization applying under this program is required to offer a needed and worthwhile service that has been proven to benefit the community of Essa. 

In order to be eligible for a Community Grant, applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Must be a not-for-profit or registered charitable organization; and
  2. Must be operated by a volunteer base; and
  3. Provide an accessible, needed and worthwhile service proven to benefit the Township of Essa residents.

All completed applications must be submitted to the Deputy Clerk, no later than January 31st of each calendar year, with all supporting documentation attached as follows;

  1. Brief description of the organization, including its constitution, mission statement, or statement of purpose.
  2. Purpose for which the Grant will be used.
  3. Previous Years financial statement.
  4. Proposed Budget for the current operating year.
  5. Reporting on how previous years Grants were used.
  6. List of volunteer Board of Directors/Executive (name, address and telephone number).
  7. Other sources of funding the applicant has applied for or obtained.
  8. Signature of signing authority (ies).

Upon commencement of the annual budget process each fall, the Township will provide notification to the public through its electronic media (website, facebook and Twitter) as well as mailing the notice to past recipients.

  • Applications must be submitted using the prescribed form.
  • Only complete applications received on or before the deadline will be reviewed.
  • Application will be reviewed by members of staff and recommendations for assistance will be prepared and submitted for Council's consideration and approval.
  • The application process is a competitive process and there is no guarantee that any award will be granted, or that the amount requested will be awarded in full.
  • Only successful recipients will be contacted, and a cheque will be forwarded.

To apply for a Community Assistance Grant, please complete the  online Municipal Grant Application Form. 

If you require a copy of the application in a different format, please email the Deputy Clerk.

All decisions regarding financial support are solely at the discretion of Council. Successful recipients will be notified in writing once Council has made their decision. 

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