Accessory Buildings

Accessory Buildings

You require a building permit to construct a garage or other accessory building on your property.  Accessory buildings are regulated by the Township's Zoning By-law, and include, but are not limited to the following:

  • sheds
  • non-commercial workshops
  • garages

Apply for a Permit

You need to complete and submit a Building Permit Application in order to add an accessory building to your property.

Building Permit Checklist

Electronic applications and subsequent documentation can be sent by email to

Please make sure to include the following information with your application.  

  • Building Permit Application to Construct or Demolish
  • Site Plan (fully dimensioned)
  • Construction Drawings (full size and to scale)
  • letter of authorization (if applicable)
  • Roof truss design drawings sealed by P. Eng. (if applicable)
  • Engineered floor framing layout (if applicable)
  • Structural design drawings sealed by P. Eng. (if applicable)
  • HVAC layout, heat loss calculations and mechanical summary (if applicable)
  • Energy efficiency design summary (if applicable)
  • Septic system analysis to determine if existing system is sized for additional load (if applicable - Schedule 2-separate permit required)
  • applicable law approvals


Building Permit Fees vary and are dependent on the scope of your building or renovation project.  We will calculate all building permit fees after reviewing the application.  You will not be issued a building permit until you have paid all permit fees and obtained all necessary approvals.

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