Pool Permits

Pool Permit Checklist

Applicants are required to provide the Building Department with all documents through the portal on our website. 

The following documents are required when submitting a pool permit:

  1. Application Form
  2. Site Plan, including the following:
    • please review the Site Plan or Site Drawing Requirements document for assistance
    • all buildings with dimensions are required to be shown, indicating distance from property lines, house and any other structures on the property.  As well, septic system location and distances from the pool are required to be shown from the tank and distribution lines of the septic.
    • fenced-in area for the pool is required to be shown, indicating the height of the fence in addition to the materials used to build the fence (please refer to Fence By-law for measurements and materials required to be used.)  
    • Location of the gate entrance is required to be shown including a description of the secured latch or lock with self-closure device(s); lock/latch to be out of reach of small children) 
    • show locations of utilities (they are required to be located outside of the fenced area.
    • Location of the pool with measurements to the lot lines
    • Structures
    • Septic Systems
    • Location of fence and all gates
    • Height of Fence
    • Location of utilities (MUST be shown outside of the fenced area)
  3. Memorandum of Understanding and Indemnity for the Installation of Private Pools
    • This is required to be signed and dated by the Homeowner.

​When is a Pool Permit Required?

A pool permit is required for any pool that is over .45 m (18 inches) deep, regardless if the pool is above-ground or in-ground.  A pool is required to be enclosed by a fence and gates, and meet the requirements stipulated in Essa's Fence By-law.

If your above-ground pool has rigid sides (without a deck) that are a minimum of 1.2 m (48 inches) above finished grade, then the sides can be considered the barrier to restrict access provided that the access ladder is removable and stored in a secure location when not in use, or the access ladder has a roll-up type cover that is lockable.

Is Final Lot Grading Required to obtain a Pool Permit?

Final lot grading is required in a subdivision (Building Department will confirm that your property has received final lot grading PRIOR to the installation of your pool).  

Decks for above-ground pools will require a separate permit.

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